Italian Shoes – Like Gloves on Your Feet

Italian shoesI love Italian shoes and if you read the “about me” post on this website you already know this. However, if you did not read it, let me tell you why I love Italian shoes: It’s because Italian shoes wear like gloves on your feet.

When Your Feet Hurt

If you wear high-heeled shoes, as I do, there comes a time when your feet starts “talking to you.” In other words, your feet start to hurt. It’s just a fact. So, the “trick” to wearing high-heeled shoes all day, is to wear good shoes. Which in itself makes sense, but you know just as well as I do that comfortable high-heeled shoe does not grow on trees.

Quality Leather Shoes

In comes the Italian shoe. Oh, believe me when you walk in quality shoes it’s like wearing smooth leather gloves on your feet. Italians are not only known for their quality leather but also for making quality shoes.

The Annya High from Geox in this image and review is a great example of what a quality shoe should be like. First:

  • Everyone should own a pair of neutral shoes. Meaning, it matches more or less anything by simply not standing out. On the other hand, if you’re wearing the right outfit (and purse) with these shoes, you can make the shoes stand out without effort.
  • The figure-flattering heal enables you to walk comfortably.
  • Perforated with Italian Geox-patented perforations, the sole delivers unsurpassed comfort levels, giving extraordinary breathability all day long. What is more, it is non-slip, durable and lightweight. The memory-foam insole has a cushioned effect which pampers the foot at every step.

If You Want to Look Impeccable

These shoes wear well when dressing up for your date or business dinner. Or, you can wear them with your new skinny jeans for the “girls night out”, or with a pair of your favorite slacks on a regular day at work or on-the-go.

The color of the shoe makes it easy to match with most colors. If you don’t have a purse in the same color, no worries. I’m sure you have a purse with multiple colors and will find its an easy match with your new shoes.

My recent post on how to care for your leather can help you get some ideas on how to maintain your leather products, whether it’s shoes, bags, belts or cloths. Easy maintenance will keep your leather strong and nice looking for a long time. The article includes “homemade” cleaning solutions and information on cleaning products you can buy.

The Geox Experience

Buying your shoes from Geox is not only safe but simple. Their return and product guarantee is listed on each purchase page and is easy to understand.


I hope you found this review somewhat helpful. More detailed information about the Annya High from Geox is available here. Even if you decide not to buy these shoes do yourself a favor an go try on some Italian shoes. You won’t regret it I promise.

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