Matching Shoes and Bags – Feel Confident In Any Situation

Shoes and a purseKeeping up with fashion can be a complicated task, to say the least. Do you ever find yourself stressing out about not having shoes that match your outfit? Or, maybe you’re thinking about buying a new purse, and you’re not sure what color to get? Well, you might be happy to know that by following just a few simple steps you can always get the “total look” no matter what you wear. All you need is matching shoes and bags.

One of the simplest tricks is to make sure your purse and shoes are the same color. It is amazing what something as simple as that can do to improve any outfit. And, maybe, more importantly, it will make you feel good.

Jeans and T-shirts

Few outfits are more common than the good old Jeans and a T-shirt. It’s comfortable, fashionable, and these days you can get away with wearing it in a variety of situations. You can go straight from work to meeting friends for dinner, or maybe even a first date? Keeping it simple can make a big statement. Leather or suede, purse, and shoes (high heels or flats) work well with this kind of outfit.

  • Summer: Blue jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt, with tan a purse and tan shoes or sandals create a casual yet fashionable statement. If you want to be little more “formal” you can up the outfit with black high heel shoes and a black purse or bag. As you can see, the options are endless. How the rest of the evening goes will be up to you!
  • Spring/Fall: Keeping the same outfit, throw a light jacket over the white t-shirt, match the shoes and your purse/bag, and you’re good to go. A scarf can be added for variation. Whatever layers you choose, just remember to keep it simple. Not too many patterns or too many colors in one outfit.
  • Winter: Adding a warmer jacket, depending on where you live, might be needed. And, shoes can be exchanged for boots. Just match the boots color to your purse, and you’re on your way. Looking good.

The Dinner Party – What’s the Dress Code?

Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out what to wear to the dinner party you have been invited to, and all you can do is just stand in front of your closet with a blank stare, or with an increased feeling of anxiety as you gradually convince yourself you have nothing to wear? Sounds familiar? I think we have all been there. And, to top it all off, the person who invited you have no idea what the dress code for the party is. Great help, right?

I don’t know about you, but my biggest fear in these situations used to be that I would be over/under dressed. I could see myself walking into the party in a fabulous dress only to discover that everyone else was casually dressed in slack or even jeans. Trial and error are good teachers (sometimes). In case you have no one to ask what the dress code is, here’s a few ideas that might ease the tension:

  • Start by looking at the matching shoes and bags, or purses, you already have, then choose an outfit based on that.
  • Again, keeping it uncomplicated will help reduce the chance for over/under dressing.
  • A simple dress, a pair of slacks and a blouse, or a skirt and blouse are all “safe” choices, particularly if you keep the colors neutral.
  • Add a piece of jewelry, and finish it off with your shoes and purse, and chances are you will fit right in.

Matching Shoes and Bags

By now you might be asking yourself “do I always have to match the color of my shoes and purse?”, or, “why would I even bother?” You might even think that this idea of matching shoes and purses is financially impossible? The truth is, it’s easier and less expensive than you might think.

Obviously, there are no rules requiring us to match the shoes we wear with the purse we carry. However, matching those items actually gives us several added benefits. We get a boost in confidence, which makes us feel better about ourselves. Others will see you as “always put together” and they will (actually) treat you accordingly. I could go on-and-on about the psychological benefits, but those thoughts are probably better left to a post in the future.

Suffice it to say; as long as you get dressed to go out, you care how you look. So you might as well feel good about it, right?

Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Have fun, be yourself, and ALWAYS follow your own likes/dislikes when choosing (or purchasing) shoes and handbags. What you put on should be a reflection of you (not the outfit), from your beach sandals to the ball-room glass slippers:)
  • Mix and match patterns and texture, while keeping in mind the occasion you are wearing it to. Wearing your brand new beige UGGS to the after-ski party can be the perfect choice, but it does not mean the beige Kate Spade cocktail clutch you have (been dying to use) is a good match, no matter how much the colors are the same.
  • One of my favorite purses has a lot of different colors (and patterns) on it, which allows me to wear it with my black, red, or beige shoes. Three pairs of shoes – one purse.
  • Not everything needs to be “designer” in order for it to look good on you. One of my favorite stores to buy shoes (and boots) is called K&G. I love this place because I always find something unique, which is my style, different and unique. Marshall’s is another store that sells inexpensive shoes and purses.

The Shopping Trip

I tend to visit the same stores when I go shopping. As mentioned above, Marshall’s and K&G’s are my “go-to” stores for shoes and handbags. My confidence in online shopping has improved over the years. Probably because I’ve been pleased with the results. However, I have also heard stories of some bad experiences.

When I shop online, particularly for shoes, I always make sure there’s a free return (and refund) policy. As such, Amazon is where I do most of my online shopping.

If you have a favorite online store for shoes or handbags, I would love it if you share in a comment below. We can all benefit from what others learn, so feel free to share.

It’s All Up to You

So there you have it. Mix and match your shoes and bags. You will feel better about yourself (and, yes that is important, more on why later). You will walk with more confidence, which means you will be perceived as having confidence (and no, I’m not encouraging being arrogant or cocky). Just be yourself, and get that extra little “pep in your step”, if you know what I mean.

Stay tuned for next weeks post. Spring is around the corner (makes me happy to say that). I know it’s just mid January, but I need something to look forward to! The fashion industry, however, is getting ready with all its new colors, styles, and fun ideas for the spring and summer season. More on that next week.

Happy matching,


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